#43I L  C A M M E L L O  A L B I N O . . .

AW 2022.2023

The Albino Camel is a story that goes beyond the desert and arrives elsewhere.
It may have been a mirage, a beam of light, a shade of color.
At some point, someone in the species must have been born with another skin.
Something abnormal and unexpected. Or perhaps it was just imagined.
As the camel crossed the desert, rather than blending in with its surroundings, it emerged, illuminated.

Hello, I’m Beluca. I’m 167cm tall and I’m wearing a size Small for you.

Hi, I’m Anouk. I’m 175cm tall and I’m wearing a size Small for you.

Hello, I’m Francesca. I’m 182cm tall and I’m wearing a size Small for you.

Hi, I’m Cristina. I’m 165cm tall and I’m wearing a size Small for you.

The wool coat of the albino camel is a natural unicum, a badge that separates it from the rest without, however, distancing it. In his wool coat, he shines in the herd—imbued with something special.
This is why this albino camel has become a legend, something that is talked about but hardly ever seen. An erroneous hieroglyph, an unforgettable symbol that escapes when one tries to grasp it.

The albino camel lacks extreme naturalness but is at the same time a pole of diversity.
It blends in with the others and then eradicates the sense of group from within.
As it gradually traverses sand dunes, it leads one to think that we are all innately the same and yet different. It is his bold chiaroscuro; magnificent detailing.

We caught a glimpse of something—its swift advance—among powdery wools,
sandy merino yarns, desert cashmere. And we followed its progress.
Our companion was the nostalgia of a timeless era.
The albino camel lives outside the flow of time, jumping through wordless stories, suggesting enchantments and shapes, extreme color encounters that seem not to exist.

Hello, we are the Boboutic team!
We are 1072cm tall and we’re all wearing a size Small for you.

text by Pierpaolo Lippolis
photo Angelo Guttadauro