SS 20

…and that dress is a cosmogony, one of the many tales about creation. Cosmogony is the combination of those myths that every population had created in order to explain the origin of the universe. Many cosmogonies ascribe the birth of the cosmos to the union of opposed and yet complementary principles. Usually these principles are represented by the juxtaposition of elements like the sky and the earth, the sky and the sea, the man and the woman, etc.

In Greek Cosmos (σύμπαν) also means order.
In Russian Cosmos (kocmoc) also means space.

If this collection is inspired by cosmogony-in all its meanings-then the order that characterizes it is given by the technique, whose consequence is the appearance. The sensitive dimension is translated by the matter, used in its purity, like pure cotton and pure cachemire. The invisible dimension is determined by the alchemy, through the addition of an unknown element, capable to subvert the perception of things.