The story of a sweater is the story of geography, it is a map of heights and leveling, of hills and empty spaces.
It is thus necessary to go back to the origins and investigate its mystery. And so, let’s start again: the story of a sweater begins when one thread meets another, and together they are combined and intertwined.

It is the story of two threads that become companions.

Photo @silvianoferiart
Text @pierpaololippolis

We weave and combine materials. We carefully choose the yarns. We make them meet and collide, we wait for them to release a shape. We can call our materials classics: cotton, silk, wool, and linen. We bring them together every time and they never stop suggesting stories. We want to listen to these stories; we sit and never stop using our hands to help these tales come to light. The hand must feel the thread become surface as the canvas is woven. And the old game of “what’s old” and “what’s new” doesn’t matter anymore.
It is a distinction that does not concern the geography of our knitwear. We want to cancel time, to give space to matter, to the surface that opposes the hand and envelops the body.

For this collection, linen has come forward, amongst everything, looking for attention. Natural fiber has become rebellious, we have listened to the need to unite and mix. They are canvases, tarps and drapes: when the boat begins to slide on the undulating sea, it is the canvas that pushes the movement. Thus the linen has intersected and produced this confusion that leads to forms.

This movement was vibrant and we listened to it. Thus, from time to time, linen has been combined with yarns that become sweeter and lighter. From the stiffness of the canvas that covers the statues to the softness of a pillow upon which you dream, to the intangibility with which the sail swells, filled with breeze. Light that slips into the cracks, and produces chiaroscuro, and shadows, and the canvas suggests where one must look.

The imaginary of this collection is the material from which it is made. The journey to be taken and discover is in your hands.


Hello, I’m Carolina, I’m 1.68cm tall and I’ll dress the boboutic small size for you

Hi, I’m Anouk, I’m 1.75cm tall and I’ll dress the boboutic small size for you -for my height i would prefer to dress medium size-