SS 18

The memory of a piece of paper cannot be cancelled. Folded, re-folded, balled up and then splayed out, straightened and pressed, a piece of paper will never forget what it has been.
The marks are the sign of an action, the veins of a surface. A rip is its biography.

The innumerable potential contained in a plane of paper becomes the cardinal points for the elaboration of a summer wardrobe that develops in 360 degrees. Distinguishing itself for its lightness, a dry and soft touch, and for its surprising results obtained through an ever more researched combination of fibers. Just as paper varies and distinguishes itself through thickness, grain and composition, the themes in the SS18 collection seem to characterize themselves following this logic.

The crispness of paper can be found in the large, open knits of Starched, created with Makò cotton, which guarantees an extremely silky touch. This same cotton, combined with another more subtle fiber gives density and sartorial structure to the Folded pieces, which have been developed into outerwear and pants of varying length with a slim/clean and elegant look. Pressed is the theme in which a thread very dear to Boboutic, a cotton fiber coated with polyurethane, develops in new ways. Jackets and dustcoats, skirts and pants, appear as figures drawn from folds in watercolor paper. A refined Viscose is pushed to create the smooth and light surfaces of Plotted, probably the most sportive theme in the collection. The magic combination of paper and cotton characterize the 3D layers of Padded: when backlit the special construction of these pieces reveal themselves like fibers in handmade paper.
The Boboutic collection for summer 2018 can be interpreted as a progressive blow up of a piece of paper. Beginning from the rigorous, compact appearance of a distant look, step after step, article after article, the eye penetrates ever deeper into the page, finally arriving to lose itself in the grid of the knit.