FW 17/18

Cover is not only a layer, a blanket, a shelter, a protector, a facade, a wrapper, a bundle, a packet, a box, a coating, a membrane, a husk, a bark, a lining, a peel, a shell, a skin, a film. Cover is not only a mask that protects and shields, adding mystery to that which it contains.
For the AW17 collection the English verb “to cover” was chosen by Boboutic as a starting point to produce a collection that investigates the duplicity and ambiguity of the term.
Cover does not become solely an opportunity to reflect on the act of covering through dress, but it is also an excuse to re-read one’s own biography.
If thirtythree is the number of rotations completed by an LP to reproduce a minute of sound, Boboutic’s 33rd collection is also an invitation to reinterpret a piece from a past collection and compare it with the technical and stylistic developments of the most recent productions.
The AW17 wardrobe reiterates the complimentarity between male and female that has characterized the style of the brand since its debut.
The pieces complete one another, layering up to create volume, movement and depth. They are an armor, yet at the same time warm and light, playing to reveal what they are intended to cover.  The surfaces, made up of burnt and shimmering colors, are treated like ancient tapestries that tell modern stories borrowed from psychedelic and rave culture.
This overlap between past and present results in a combination of traditional and unusual fibers with the the most avant-garde knitting techniques, Boboutic uses these elements to subvert the idea of clothing intended as a covering and to develop a collection animated by pieces capable of amplifying the personality and character of the wearer.