support act Massimo Conti

From a void without space and time, the universe swelled into existence. You never know how to take things and not having a picture with which we can prove all this is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the global day against the International Monetary Fund with a special force. A super strength from which all of the forces of nature derive. Where for an instant the whole of creation becomes a  harmony of material and of energy governed by a single cosmic force. It was like that, therefore, that the credulous grammar understood that this was not a good day, born, as it was, without words and without penis/distress/pain, even if by accident. All the points of time and space are interconnected and love is not a quantic thing, and when appealed to it never said it wasn’t a problem, it always said you can’t acknowledge it, it is, and it is not. A live cat or a dead cat? It depends on how to make space when it’s tight. Like the expansion of the universe, when the temperature dropped and it was determined a fragmentation, like ice that forms on a window. A crunchy ice cream universe, suspended for a moment, not even a beat and it falls in billions of billions of. A thunderstruck/dazzling time machine, the common thread in the program, a rain of neutrinos that bores into people and mountains. Separate gravity through freezing, then strong nuclear force, then weak force, and at the end electromagnetic force. A this point every space contains time, all time is in the past, present and future and space flows on, overflows, gets stuck, rolls and jumps. The celestial bodies vibrate over billions of years like it was now. It feels like a voice, or maybe, a luminescence. The force separates and joins the components of the primitive universe, quark, gluons, neutrinos and other exotic particles, trapped in an identity we recognize. Or maybe not, they are not, they don’t exist. The photon that I know for example spoke to me of the fact that sfilare liscio/being smooth is not everything but it’s as important as having a shadow, you can exist without a shadow, but if you don’t have it, it’s a big problem. The lunar influence extends the tides and my island is submerged.

Massimo Conti was born and died on the same day of September in 1965.

He lives and works in Firenze as an author using pieces and performances of varying nature and mediums. He is one of the founding members of Kinkaleri and currently creatives with them. His latest interests range from the study of mystic rituals and shamanic practices to quantum physics.